2012 Freestyle Patchwork

A compilation spanning 10 years of freestyling, made from gathered YouTube videos. More details HERE

Skater: Chloé Seyrès / Images: Youtube Material / Soundtrack: "Roundabout" by Akouphën

(Fan Edit) "Chloe Seyres 2011 - World Champion"

Made by a person who asked me to shoot during a training session. Just freestyle, improvisation and good vibes.

This video is kind of special to me because it is the last video of me slaloming!

Skater: Chloé Seyrès / Shooting+Editing: Mimi & BMA / Soundtrack: "Freestyler" by Bomfunk Mc's

Chloé Seyrès's Winter 2010 Profile Video

A profile edit by SEBASKATES.

Skater: Chloé Seyrès / Shooting+Editing: Anthony Finocchiaro / Soundtrack: "Falling Up" (Instrumental) by Akouphën

Work'n Roll (2010)

And there we were, on a cold and snowy morning of winter 2010, in the close suburb of Paris, skating in the trunk of a truck after an unloading of skate boxes.

Skaters: Chloé Seyrès, Igor Cheremetieff, Boris Rozbroj / Shooting+Editing: Greg Pinto / Soundtrack: "Better Change Your Mind" by William Onyeabor

Around the 20 (2009)

Shot for and displayed at the "Paris, Capitale du Roller" exhibition (Sept. 2008). An "atmosphere" video meant to convey the feeling of urban freedom, and to show that the city can be the best playground ever.

Skaters: Igor Cheremetieff & Chloé Seyrès, around the 20 Districts of Paris / Original Idea by Kalou / Shooting+Editing by Kalou

Bedroom Rollin' (2007)

An afternoon of late March 2007, bored at home because it was snowing outside...

Soundtrack: "Fools" by Mansfield.TYA, "Tous des Stars" by Dolly, "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak / Editing: Close Yr E's

Catch Me If You Can... in Besançon (2006)

A few days spent in Besançon, France, in early July of 2006, which resulted in this video, after two afternoons of shooting under a blazing sun. More details on the making of HERE (French)

Skaters: Chloé Seyrès & Igor Cheremetieff / Shooting+Editing: Alex Gogneau / Soundtrack: "Freestyler" by Bomfunk Mc's

The Clopinettes' Gang (2006)

Two doppelgangers for a mirrorish effect. Video shot in Montpellier, France, to promote women's freestyle skating.

Skaters: Chloé Seyrès & Clochette / Shooting+Editing: Greg / Soundtrack: "Get a Move On" by Akouphën