Superbrawl France-Canada: Slice & turn

Dallas World Cup France-Argentina: One-foot juking on the line


Kozmic Bruise - Best of D2 Playoffs (2014)

WFTDA D2 Playoffs in Kitchener, Ontario (Aug. 22-24, 2014): Compilation from semi-finals (Bear City Vs. Kalamazoo) and finals (Bear City Vs. Rideau Valley) / Music: Lady Sovereign vs. Katy Perry "Love California Or Hate Gurls (Kellys Sevlac Mashup)"

Track Girls (Teaser, 2013)

Moulin Bruise - Paris RG Vs. London RR

Paris RollerGirls Vs. Royal Windsor

Roller Derby Made in Europe (Teaser)

Paris RollerGirls Vs. Team Unicorn

Paris RollerGirls Presentation 2012