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After a decade of competitive FREESTYLE SLALOMING (2001-2011) around the world, I hung up my inline skates to switch to ROLLER DERBY (2010-2016 / Kozmic Bruise #8612), entering the quad skating scene and playing for several leagues: Paris RollerGirls, Bear City, SAM Mérignac, Montreal, and Team France. Today, I'm taking up again creative expression with  ROLLERDANCE and I'm still enjoying some street FREESKATING adrenaline.


Beyond a skater, I am also a qualified instructor and freestyle coach, a certified freestyle judge and have covered & reported freestyle events on skating news websites for years.

FREESKATE MASHUP - An all-in-one edit for the 2013 Urban Freeride video contest, launched by Freeskating, rollerdancing & freestyling the streets of Bordeaux, my hometown, on inline & quad skates.
Shooting: Julie Bruhier / Editing: Kozmic / Music: Akouphën "Shit Talker"

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