1989 • I started with the Fisher Price quad skates I had for my 3rd birthday. Then upgraded to fashionable supermarket inline skates with colorful plastic wheels, before getting basic junior skates.


1998 • At 12-13 I decided to have a go at ramp-skating and Santa Claus brought me the super-stylish 5th Element aggressive skates!


2001 • I witnessed a freestyle demo with slalom and high jump, it was a revelation to me! I then bought some fitness skates which I found awesome at the time but which in retrospect I am very ashamed of. With green inline hockey wheels (because I love green). I found my first skating buddy in May, became addicted to slalom skating and met a couple of skaters who really helped me improve.

Freestyle Slalom

2002 • My first competition was the French Championship which took place in Bordeaux, my hometown. I won the junior category and as a result got my first sponsorship with a sports shop and entered the French Team!


2002-2003 • I started touring with the French Team to do demos, and did my first international podiums in mixed categories.


2004 • I stopped skating due to health problems. I made the most of it in passing the French certification of Instruction Level 1. I finally came back on skates during the summer of '04 and won my first World Title in Classic Freestyle.


2006 • Was the "reborn" year, with a revolution in the evolution of the European Freestyle Slalom. This is when I met Igor Cheremetieff and we advised each other a lot. Thanks to this intensive training, we hit the top of the world charts.


2007 • I entered the international Seba Team and moved to Paris. This is when I started touring all around the world from one competition to the other. I visited lots of places, met lots of people, and kept on surfing the top of the wave of Freestyle until my freestyle retirement at the end of the 2010 season.

Writing, Coaching, Judging

2008 • I passed the WSSA Battle judging test, and I've been judging national and international battle competitions since then. I also started writing specialized articles for the Internet: event reports and freestyle interviews.


2010 • I qualified under the Instructor Certification Program (ICP) and SkateFreestyle to become a qualified international Slalom Instructor. I also started to work for as a translator for their English website,


2011 • I resumed the WSSA Freestyle Judge training, and passed the complete exam, enabling me to judge battles, classic and speed slalom competitions. I entered the WSSA Technical Committee in charge of discussing the official Freestyle rules, as well as the official judging team for the World Championships.


2012 • I ran international judge trainings and freestyle judging classes.

Choking little by little in a world that wouldn't let me breathe anymore, I made the pondered decision to quit freestyle at the end of the 2010 season. I lasted 10 years, reached enough of my personal objectives, proved to myself what I wanted to know... It was time to experience something new while I still got time to enjoy it!


Now I have entered the world of Quad Skating, with Roller Derby and Rollerdance!

My derbyadventures are related on my blog KOZMICDIARY.BLOGSPOT.COM and my rollerdance news on SKATEXPRESS.FR...


2010 • I took contact with the newly born Paris RollerGirls, but really started training in January 2011. Meanwhile I started to come to like the challenge of transposing inline freestyle tricks into rollerdance moves.


2011 • First games with PRG, elected head coach of the league, selected in the first Roller Derby French Team to play the World Cup in Toronto in December, where I broke my knee -- which made me retire from competition for the whole 2012 year. In parallel, I founded SkateXpress, a parisian rollerdance crew with other skaters, under the wing of the Collectif La Main.


2013 • Comeback season with the PRG All-Stars, agility workshops around France, passed the selections for the 2014 French Team with success, and moved to Berlin where I entered the Berlin Bombshells, the WFTDA20 Team of Bear City Roller Derby, and took charge of the Agility classes of the league.