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'TIME TRAVELERS' by SkateXpress (2015)

May 2015. Here it is AT LAST! Our short rollerdance movie is available online!! 3 parts, 3 time warps, welcome to the world of SkateXpress with "Time Travelers"...

Part.1: Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada RMX)

Part.2: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jumpin' Jack

Part.3: Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul




WFTDA D2 Playoffs in Kitchener, Ontario (Aug. 22-24, 2014): Compilation from semi-finals (Bear City Vs. Kalamazoo) and finals (Bear City Vs. Rideau Valley)

Music: Lady Sovereign vs. Katy Perry

"Love California Or Hate Gurls (Kellys Sevlac Mashup)".


A compilation of show and rehearsal takes for a 2013 original choreography by SkateXpress Rollerdance Crew.

Music: Northern State "A Thousand Words" Vs. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy "Jumping Jack".

Skating: SkateXpress

Editing: Kozmic Bruise


Winner video of the UFO Urban Freeride Online CONTEST organized by

Everything you want to know about the Making Of HERE.

Skating: Chloé Seyrès

Shooting: Julie Bruhier, Kami Graphy, Wheely Wonka

Editing: Kozmic Bruise

Music: Akouphën "Shit Talker"

Bordeaux, September 2013

2013 Freeskate Mashup TEASER

Teaser of video 'FREESKATE MASHUP' for the UFO Freeskate video contest organized by, made of outtakes! More detailed explanation on my blog


Featuring: Chloé Seyrès

Shooting: -

Soundtrack: Akouphën - Unreleased intrumental version of "Shit Talker"

2012 Freestyle Patchwork

I found the long-awaited motivation to gather youtube material and make a compilation... Of course, the quality of image sucks, you cannot ask too much of youtube! More detailed explanation on my blog

Featuring: Chloé Seyrès

Shooting: Youtube Material

Soundtrack: "Roundabout" by Akouphën

(Fan Edit) "Chloe Seyres 2011 - World Champion"

Once doesn't make it a habit, but the following video is not an official edit at all. It is more of a B-Side video, but given its success on youtube (without any promotion!) I decided to put it here. It was made by a fan who asked me to shoot during a training session. No pressure, no premeditation, just freestyle, improvisation and good vibes. The editing is not perfect but at least it shows full natural footwork sequences both at normal speed and slow motion.

Let's also note that this video is kind of special to me because it is the last video of me slaloming!


Featuring: Chloé Seyrès

Shooting: Mimi & BMA

Soundtrack: "Freestyler" by Bomfunk Mc's

Chloé Seyrès's Winter 2010 Profile Video

A promotional video presented by SEBA.
My first real profile video...

I would have loved to have more say in the editing because I had so many ideas...

The music is from my band, Akouphën, it is a short instrumental edit of the song "Falling Up" -- the preview of which you can listen streaming on the band's website

Featuring: Chloé Seyrès

Shooting+Editing: Anthony Finocchiaro

Soundtrack: "Falling Up" (Instrumental) by Akouphën

Work'n Roll (2010) -- PREVIEW

A crazy idea from Greg: Skating in the container of a truck after the unloading of all the Seba Skates boxes. He called some skaters of the Seba Team, and there we were, on a cold and snowy morning of winter 2010, skating around cones on the wooden floor of a trunk, in the close suburb of Paris.


Featuring: Chloé Seyrès, Igor Cheremetieff, Boris Rozbroj

Shooting+Editing: Greg Pinto

Soundtrack: "Better Change Your Mind" by William Onyeabor

Around the 20 (2009)

A video featuring Igor Cheremetieff and Chloé Seyrès, skating around the 20 Districts of Paris.

It was initially shot because Kalou needed some video material to show at the "Paris, Capitale du Roller" Exhibition which took place on September 2008 at the Hotel de Ville.

Kalou called me one day of late August to know if by chance I had heard about new slalom-skating videos shot in Paris... as I answered that unfortunately not, the same idea came to our minds: "Let's make one!"

With this video we wanted to convey this feeling of urban freedom, and to show that the city can be the best playground ever.

This is an "Atmosphere" video, not a complex highly technical video because this was not the point.


Original Idea by Kalou

Shooting+Editing by Kalou

Bedroom Rollin' (2007)

An afternoon of late March 07, we were stuck at home because it was snowing outside... and we were getting so f.bored that we decided to skate no matter what, no matter how.
After a few arrangements (tidying up a little, pushing the pool) we had enough space to have a reasonable line to slalom in the middle of Igor's bedroom.
We called Alex --the guy who shot and edited "Catch Me If You Can" (bellow)-- who came over with his camera, which we forgot in a corner recording the whole scene.
A few months later (November 07) we managed to get the video material and I edited the whole stuff... and here it is: Bedroom Rollin'!

Soundtrack: "Fools" by Mansfield.TYA, "Tous des Stars" by Dolly,

"Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak.

Shooting: Alex's camera on its own.

Editing: Close Yr E's

Catch Me If You Can... in Besançon (2006)

More than 400.000 hits on Youtube at this day...

In early July of 2006, I went to visit Igor in Besançon... just when he was planning to make a new video. We then had to adapt the script. We took two afternoons to shoot the whole thing under a blazing sun. And Alex did an amazing job with the editing!

For more details on the making of, here they are (French)

Featuring: Chloé Seyrès & Igor Cheremetieff

Shooting+Editing: Alex Gogneau

Soundtrack: "Freestyler" by Bomfunk Mc's

The Clopinettes' Gang (2006)

Same height, same clothes, same cap... Two perfect DOPPELGANGERS for a mirrorish final effect.

I spent a week in Montpellier to shoot this vid.

The aim was to promote female skating: Girls, we need you for freestyle!

Featuring: Chloé Seyrès & Clochette

Shooting+Editing: Greg

Soundtrack: "Get a Move On" by Akouphën

FSK Cola Skating (2004)

It was my friend Mathias who pushed me into it.

There was a freeskate video contest launched by and he thought it would be cool if there was a girl participating. And I finally accepted to do it--as long as the soundtrack was "I'm Just a Girl" from No Doubt!

It was shot at Meriadeck in Bordeaux (fr).

Shooting+Editing: Mathias Wecxsteen

Soundtrack: "I'm Just a Girl" by No Doubt